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Vendors & Wholesale Opportunities

Woodington's continues to search for suitable vendors to expand our brands and products. We currently work with suppliers in both China and South America in order to provide quality gift merchandise to our thousands of customers. If you have interests in becoming a vendor for us, your business must meet certain qualifications in order for us to accept the company as an official vendor.

Applying for Vendor Opportunities

Currently, Woodington's only accepts applications from manufacturers who offer wholesale pricing for their merchandise and the merchandise is not for sale to the general public. If your company specializes in merchandise made for sale to companies, we want to hear from you. Submit your cover letter and qualifications for vendor consideration to our vendor relations department. Upon successful reply from our company, you will be accepted into consideration for buying opportunities. Companies who currently sell their branded merchandise to customers are currently not suitable to apply for vendor selling opportunities.

Submit cover letter to: [email protected]

Wholesale Opportunities

If you are a retailer looking for the opportunity to carry any of our brands you have the chance of allowing us to bring an inspiring product that customers continue to crave. Companies that currently work with us rate us number one in responsiveness to their needs and the quality we provide is unmatched from existing collections and products from our Faithfully Inspiring brand.

We provide companies the opportunity to both purchase stock for their stores or e-commerce marketplace and also provide drop shipping opportunities with free 2-day shipping for your customers which is in high demand today. Our reseller team assists you with everything to set up your online store or in-store display and will support you with item placement either online or at store locations across the nation. From recommendations to guidance we have already set you up for success with a great online presence on all marketplaces across the web.

Qualified businesses may apply for a wholesale account. If you are currently a registered business in the United States, you must provide your Federal Tax ID in order to start the process of buying wholesale from us. Businesses who also have up to five trade references may also apply for net terms which allow you to generate cash flow while worrying about the bill later.