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Giving Back & Retainment

When it comes to a really successful company, that means you are not paying your employees minimum wage or providing terrible benefits. At Woodington's, our employees earn a living wage, free freshly prepared meals while working, and health + dental care. The commitment to our employees for a stable working environment is where you actually want to come to work. A happy employee is a beneficial employee.

Path to Success

Not everyone is a college graduate, neither are most of our employees. We do not believe you need to be a college graduate to do a job well done through old fashioned experience. At Woodington's, your path to success is on how well you do your job. Experienced employees without a college diploma are never passed over for a promotion. We feel if you know what you're doing, and you do it well, you're hired!

Paid time Leave

Everyone needs some time to relax. All employees who have worked for the company for a period of one year are eligible for paid time off at least twice per year. A week of rest and relaxation without worrying when or if the bills will be paid is never on the mind of any of our employees.

Full Meal Plans

Each employee enjoys a free freshly prepared meal plan while working at Woodington's. The cost of buying lunch everyday can become burden some, so our team freshly prepares meals each and every day for our entire staff. These meals include heart healthy options served once per day during lunchtime. We believe having a full stomach on foods that give us energy drive our work performance.

Health & Dental Plans

Full time and part time employees are eligible for certain health benefits at Woodington's. These include both health and dental options offered through Cigna. Our employees enjoy half cost plans paid through Woodington's or discounted plans at eligible health care providers.