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Custom Branded Merchandise

So you own a store and want to carry something nobody else is carrying. We can help with that. With our talented artists, we can make custom merchandise for you just as you want it. Cost is always cheap and the quality is always high. Find some great information below to help you get started.

From Ideas to Creations

We start with an idea, an image, or something already offered but we want to recreate it. With Woodington's, we can create what you want in a timely manner and offer you the best pricing. Our experts will design something from nothing and present a great quality product based on what you want and desire it to be. From resin, enamel, zinc alloy, and more, we create and you enjoy.

Woodington's will import your product to the United States and ship it directly to you. Whether you want to resell your product to other stores or simply offer it at your store only, we can help with that. We specialize in mostly resin and can create products in this material that will help your sales increase and keep you ahead of your competition. We just do not only offer religious merchandise but any general merchandise as well.

We can create items solely from a picture or make them based on your specific design ideas. Woodington's experts will work with you from start to finish, making sure you enjoy the final outcome of the project. Best of all, there are no product creation costs! Simply commit to purchasing the full quantity amount each time you order, and we will make the product free of charge. We also are extremely fair with pricing.  

Pricing & Accessories

No matter how complex your design is, our pricing is fair. We provide the best pricing in the marketplace to make sure you succeed with re-selling your creations. Below are some examples of pricing we offer to businesses who wish to resell custom made products. This example list also includes the amount needed to purchase. 


Qty Amount

Cost per Pc

Gift Box

Shipping Cost


5 Inch

216 pcs





8 Inch

216 pcs





12 Inch

108 pcs





24 Inch

50 pcs





36 Inch

50 pcs





Above is an example list of pricing we offer, but may not be exact toward your design. We will handle import costs and US customs. From port to your door, we will also ship your product once it reaches the United States directly to where you want it to go.

Amazon & Walmart Fulfillment

We can customize your product if you are selling on Amazon or Walmart. Simply providing us a UPC code or ASIN label, we can label your product before it reaches you or an Amazon / Walmart fulfillment center. Woodington's also handles shipping to Amazon. Working with your design expert can assist you in how we ship to Amazon or Walmart.

Getting Started

Submit your interests to: [email protected] we will reach out to you with specific details once we have received your request.