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Highlights of Progress

Progress is our number one concern when it comes to promoting our brands nationwide. The importance of progress is rooted into success which we are constantly soaring for. Our highlights of progress informs our investors of our ever-expanding field and how we are fairing. 

Highlights of Progress



Woodington's Introduces Walmart

Through our commitment of becoming an being an omni-channel retailer, Woodington's was excited to announce in 2020, Walmart has allowed our brand to sell in their marketplace.

Faithfully Inspiring Starts Production

In the early summer of 2020, Woodington's partnered with a Chinese and South American factory in order to produce our ever successful, Faithfully Inspiring brand.

Woodington's Becomes a Million Dollar Company

To the excitement of our entire team, Woodington's officially became a million dollar company in the fall of 2020. It doubled sales from the previous year with an increased customer base.

Bruggeman's Collection is Launched 2021

Named after our chief executive officer for their outstanding accomplishments in bringing investors, product sourcing, and continuing our omni-channel plan, the company voted to name the next brand after them. The brand carries crucifixes, home decor, and jewelry.