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Privacy Policy LLC and DBA "Woodington's Inc" follows a strict privacy policy that protects your personal information. When using this site you agree to these terms of our policy, and agree we are not liable for any damages that may occur from any result of agreeing to this policy. We are committed to keeping your information safe at all times, and we do not collect information that is not voluntarily provided by the customer. All information that has been collected from you was provided by you, or what you posted on this site. By using this site you agree that all the information you have provided is true, and is the information of the sole owner that is being provided to us. We are not responsible for fraud in any way or circumstance that includes: identity theft, stolen credit cards or information, misuse of postal address. All the information provided by the customer is deemed to be true, and accurate. At no time will store or collect or reuse payment information without the customer's consent. All payment information is also not saved during checkout, or calling in your order by phone. This information is destroyed, and must be reentered in order to submit payment.

Information We Collect & Distribute

The information we collect is solely what you have provided us with. Certain information such as IP addresses and locations may also be collected without your consent to assure advertising quality assurance. IP addresses may be blocked from viewing advertisements if the Company has deemed them to be invalid or fraudulent. Otherwise, all information collected by the Company is provided by the customer.

We keep on file postal addresses and e-mail addresses for marketing use. We do not sell or provide your information to any third party unless it is law enforcement requested, or an investigation by the Company into fraudulent acts.

With IP addresses the Company uses cookies to track our customer's progress on our site, and know where they exactly are. While this information about locations is not always accurate, we can see where a customer is located.

Since does not use accounts or logins within our current website you do not need to worry about stored information. When checking out there is an option to click on to remember your payment information. This information is not seen by the Company, and the option should not be clicked if you don't wish to store your payment information on our site. This option is only used for regular customers, and customers making purchases daily. The option does not have to be clicked on; if you don't want to store your information there.

Third Parties & You

At no time does the Company work with third parties to sell your information. We do not provide information to anyone outside of law enforcement officials in regards to your personal information. This information is securely stored within our database, and is only used for marketing only. You can always opt out of marketing if you'd like by sending your e-mail, name, postal address to: [email protected] Once we've received your no reply e-mail you will be taken off our lists, and won't receive anymore marketing promotions.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at anytime, and without notice.