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Vendor Legal Notice

"We", "us", "our", and "Company", are under the limited liability company of ICATHOLIC.NET LLC or DBA "Woodington's", "THE WOODINGTON'S COMPANY", or "Woodington's Company". All vendors who adhere to business terms agree to this legal notice as a binding contract. We reserve the right to adjust or modify this contract or legal notice without notice to our respected vendor(s), supplier(s), retailer(s), or affiliated businesses. Vendors, or businesses, companies, or persons who sell to our company are legally binded by this legal and contract notice applicable by laws of the United States and the State of New York.

Business Contracts

The Company does not hold any specific contract between you and the Company. We reserve the right to discontinue business with any vendor who legally sells merchandise to our Company. Vendors do not have any written or legal contract which binds us in a legal contract to either promote, sell, or market merchandise currently sold to the Company.

We reserve the right to discontinue business with the vendor at anytime with or without notice. The Company also reserves the right to go to the source of the vendors supplier if the supplier's good is not sold exclusively or branded or officially trademarked. If the vendor does not have an exclusive right to sell merchandise from sole manufacturer factories, we reserve the right to source product(s) or service(s) direct from the vendor's source. We hold nor permit business contracts without a signature agreement and the Company shall not be held responsible, agents, officers, employees, directors, executives, contractors, or members for any damages.

The Company reserves the sole right to terminate business with the respective vendor at anytime with or without notice. 

Vendor Termination

Should the vendor decide to terminate any agreements to sell product(s) to the Company we reserve the right to sue for damages involving product(s), brand(s), mold(s), or materials that were developed for LLC, "The Inspiring Catholic Store", or DBA "Woodington's". The vendor must forfeit any brand materials, molds used for making product, or actual product creations to the Company to avoid legal damages. We have exclusively developed product with respected vendor(s) and all vendors doing business with LLC or DBA Woodington's adheres to this policy upon acceptance of funding or investments from LLC or DBA Woodington's.